Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Frida's, a vegetarian deli

Frida's a small nondescript place on North South Street in University City just off Delmar.  A nice wide side walk with colorful tables litter the terrain and on a day as today, it is really nice to sit outside and enjoy the gentle breeze wafting by.  Providing a outlet and a source for the non meat eating public to get a freshly made sandwich of some sort.  Here they are mostly loaded with heat but never lacking for flavor!

This evening on my second visit, I had the Frida Burger which was blessed with Chipotle Slaw and a nice "side salad" of mixed field greens.  I also had the soup of the day as I did my first time here and today's soup was a wonderful mixed vegetable soup with a refreshing broth.  Tonight as in my first night coming in I had a SANPELLEGRINO: Limonata (which is always refreshing and tart!) along with a OOGAVE: Agave Root Beer. <BELCH>

The staff here is always friendly and helpful and able to answer all the questions you may have.  Food is hot and fresh without the typical wait in a restaurant.  Besides it always refreshing when you go to a local place and the owner is on the premise and may I add, it kind of strokes the ego when they remember you!

My first visit was just as good and same kind of day to be out.  First time finding the place was kind of interesting.  They have no sign out front and not being from St Louis MO, I read the Google Map wrong and went the wrong way on North South Street.  Come on you either go North or South, how do you go the wrong way?
Finding the place, I was waited upon by Natasha and when asked if she was Frida, she answered with an affirmative. That evening I had the Steak Sandwich which was made with house made seitan and seasoned, adding marinated mushrooms finished it just right. Along with a cup of Mexican Zucchini Soup made it a meal to fill your belly!

To top the evening off, I met another member of the Arch Vegans Facebook Page while here this evening when I had the pleasure of meeting Laura Lamorette.   Natasha Kwan you have a great thing going and I hope many more people find you food and place to be endearing!

Top it off it is catty corner to TUTTI FRUITTI FrozenYogurt, which also has Vegan choices, I am out of here!!!!

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